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Spray Polyurethane Roof Insulation System

SPF roof insulation РSprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof Coating

SPF roof insulation (Sprayed polyurethane foam) is not a new roof coating option. This technology has been used as an alternative to built-up roofing for over 30 years.

SPF Roof Coating is now widely recognized as an option for protecting building envelopes in a variety of applications. Since it was introduced to the industry, polyurethane foam has become appreciated for its durability. With the proper maintenance, polyurethane roofs can hold their appearance and function for decades. Independent studies have validated these statements, proving that sprayed polyurethane foam, is a proven and cost-effective roofing option in most applications.


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How Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Works

Sprayed polyurethane foam is a chemical foam made from the combination of isocyanate and polyol. The components are sent through a proportioner, where they are heated and pumped separately into the spray gun. The gun mixes the chemicals and sprays it onto the roof’s substrate. The roof surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants such as oil. The substrate must also be fastened to meet the uplift requirements of The Florida Building Code. The foam is applied as a liquid, and after landing on the roof, it solidifies into a continuous membrane. This makes a seamless, stable surface for the application of the top coat.


Advantages of Spray Polyurethane Foam

  1. Weather Resistant, Leak Resistant Surface: The monolithic, self-flashing surface seals the roof against leaks, and the Gaco S20 Silicone coating that tops the foam protects the building from weather damage. SPF roof insulation also be sealed with urethane for a long lasting roof coating.
  2. Lightweight Roofing: SPF systems are lighter than gravel roof systems, which puts less pressure on the existing roof.
  3. Less Roofing Maintenance: SPF systems require little maintenance. Caulk can be used to repair most damage, and otherwise maintaining the roof requires minimal work.
  4. Versatile Roofing: Roofs with an irregular shapes or penetrations can be hard to seal, but SPF roofing systems are well suited for these applications. Also, they can be applied over the existing roof, so no tear-off is needed.
  5. Proven Durability: Since the inception of SPF roof insulation, the material has proven to be a long-lasted, durable option. When sealed properly by a professional, an SPF roof coating can last for many years.
  6. Withstands winds of over 200MPH
  7. Adheres to Most Surfaces: The system will stick to most bstrates, and will withstand high winds.
  8. Affordable: Even with all of these advantages, SPF roof insulation and coating is relatively affordable because this option avoids the expense of removing your existing roof system if conditions allow.
  9. UL Listed and Factory Mutual Approved


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