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Exploring Alternatives to the Traditional Roof

If you look around your neighborhood, what do you mainly see on roofs? The typical answer is the boring asphalt, concrete or old Spanish tile. While there is nothing wrong with these roofing materials, the market has been ready for a change due to individual’s need for a cost effective, lightweight, and environmentally friendly product. Brava Roof Tile is a company that offers synthetic roofing tiles that come in the slate, shake, or barrel tile styles. This new material, and look, is sure to make your home stand out and get the neighbors talking.

Brava offers synthetic versions of all three roof materials and is made from 100% recycled high-quality plastic. These materials are great for the environment as they can be fully recycled after their 50+ year lifespan. Synthetic materials from Brava Roof Tile can come in any color with any variation within the tile themselves, which is a big upside unlike natural materials which only come in how they are mined or grown. These materials have very long lifespans and require very minimal maintenance and cleaning compared to their natural counterparts.


Synthetic roof tile is available in three styles:

Spanish Barrel Tile

Synthetic roofing tiles in a Spanish barrel style are lightweight, lower cost, and eco-friendly.

Barrel style synthetic plastic roof tile.


This includes Spanish Barrel Tile, which imitates natural clay barrel tiles. The main advantage to the synthetic option is the weight. It is often replacing clay or concrete roofs, which are so heavy that they can damage a home or require additional supports during the building process. The synthetic alternative is a much lighter material and is much more durable since it does not easily crack.

Slate Roofing Tiles

The next is Old World Slate, which mimics natural slate roofing. While both products have a very long lifespan, there are a few aspects that differ. Natural slate is a very heavy product, that can require additional support before installation. However, the synthetic slate is very light and requires no additional support. Composite slate also comes in a variety of colors and variations, which natural slate simply cannot.


Synthetic slate-look composite plastic tile roof on a residential home.

Old World slate style roof made with synthetic composite plastic tiles.


Wooden Shake “Look”

Brava Shake is a much better option than natural wooden shake because of the durability. It is well known that wooden shake rots, cracks, and need replacement parts every 2-3 years. Synthetic shake is able to maintain the same look as natural shake, but increases the durability and decreases the maintenance needed. In an overall comparison, the typical roof shingle or natural product has a 20-30-year lifespan. These types of roofing products also need routine maintenance every 3-5 years. This is because they can absorb water, causing mold and leaks that can get into your home. These types of products are also more susceptible to wind, hail, and fire than synthetic roof tiles.


Shake style composite roof tile in gray.

Plastic composite, shake look-a-like roofing tile.


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