4 Common Misconceptions About Metal Roofing Panels | Alliance Group

Metal roofing panels have long been used in commercial applications but continue to gain popularity in homes due to their positive attributes.


There Are Style Limitations

Striated standing seam metal roof with a blue finish on a coastal home in Fort Pierce, Florida.

A Striated standing seam metal roof with a protective finish of blue Kynar paint.


Some might think metal roofs are only available in the typical barn roof look but that’s not the case. As far as metal roofing panels, there are several profiles available. Some panels, like PBR or Rib, have more linear features as well as striations. These types of panels are fantastic at preventing the dimpling effects of oil canning and give a more architectural look. Flatter panels like 5V or standing seam are also available for a more minimal look. In order to prevent oil canning, we do recommend striations with flat panels. There is also the option to have exposed or hidden screws. You can also give thought to the color of your roof. Metal roofing manufacturers will create panels with their own metallic look, known as “mill finished” or painted as with the example above.


Red metal tile on a home

Barrel terra cotta or concrete roofing tiles are replicated with metal

Metal as a building material is after all very adaptable. This means that metal can replicate other roofing styles. For example, metal can be shaped and coated to look just like terra cotta or concrete barrel roof tiles. Metal roofing manufacturers have also recreated the look of slate and shingles in an assortment of shapes and finishes. This is a great option for historic buildings and homes where owners want to preserve the beauty of yesteryear’s intricate styles with the reliable strength of today’s roofing and building materials.


It’s Loud

It’s easy to understand why someone might come to the conclusion that a metal roof will cause loud sounds audible from inside the building. In our modern-day American homes, there are several layers that help insulate exterior sound between the home’s inhabitants and the metal roof. The attic acts as a great sound barrier due to insulation and airspace. Even in homes without attics, there will still be a layer of insulation, a roof deck and waterproofing/underlayment barriers which contribute to dampening the sound. Overall, sound is not an aspect of metal roofing panels that we have had any complaints about with our customers.


It’s Expensive

If you need your roof replaced, metal roofing panels will not be your cheapest option. When making a large purchase decision involving home improvement, you want to think of it as a long-term investment. So in order to compare products more fairly, it’s a good idea to compare the home improvement investment in terms of its next replacement. Metal is a long-lasting building material compared to shingles. On average and with proper maintenance, shingles last approximately 20-30 years while metal can last 40-60 years before needing a replacement.

Alliance Group recommends metal roofing due to its strength and durability. It is especially valuable to have a metal roof in the State of Florida due to our exposure to wind and rain damage from tropical storms and hurricanes. Alliance Group is happy to provide competitive prices on metal roofing panels as well as working with your insurance company


Other Materials Are Better

Metal roofing is considered a premium product. Not only does it have a longer working life, it is more durable with stress factors like wind, rain, and impact. Storm damage analysis has shown that some metal
roofing systems have enough strength to resist extremely high winds while other systems have blown off under conditions below design wind speeds (source: fema.gov). Many coastal homes, including beachfront and riverfront, have metal roofing installations because of its high durability in storm conditions.

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