Roofing Styles For Florida Homes | Alliance Group

There’s something very charming about Florida style homes. A laid-back, coastal lifestyle tends to evoke a general sense of happiness and comfort. Take a look at how the right roofing styles and materials can support your Florida architecture.


Metal Roofing Styles

Coastal Florida style house with 5V metal roofing panels.

A coastal Florida style home with a 5V panel roof.


One of the most classic and well loved Florida home styles is the Florida vernacular, also known as “Florida Cracker Architecture”. This quaint style is characterized by metal roofs, deep wrap-around porches, and raised floors (sometimes on stilts). The architectural style of Florida vernacular homes is a deviation from the classic Southern plantation home. Over the decades, the style has morphed into its own with architectural adaptations for our coastal climate and microculture.


Florida coastal architecture metal roofing style.

The coastal style home with a metal roof of one of our Treasure Coast clients.


Metal roof tiles on Florida style home.

The Southernmost House in Key West features metal roof tiles.


Old architecture mixes with today’s engineering methods to produce resilient, long-lasting homes that can withstand tropical storm and hurricane conditions. Metal roofs are known to be tougher against hurricane force winds. It’s no question why so many developers and homeowners on the coastline opt for metal roofing. 5V metal roofing panels not only provide energy efficiency and strength, but are also the right look for authentic Florida architecture.




Shingle Roofs

One variation of Florida Cracker architecture is the cottage style, often seen in Central Florida. Some of these homes are built as classic log cabins. The image below shows The Cabins At Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida with a shingle roof.

Shingle roof on Florida classic log cabin style home.


Pictured below is the Palm Cottage, the oldest house in Naples, FL. This historic home, built in 1895, features familiar elements of Florida homes such as a spacious porch and Bahama shutters.


Florida style cottage home with a shingle roof.


Tile Roofs

Florida’s long history has plenty of Spanish influence, from its rediscovery by the Spanish Ponce De León to the Hispanic culture dotted throughout the state. As a matter of fact, Mediterranean and Spanish revival styles have remained popular in Florida. Some cities like St. Augustine and Miami have a big collection of revival architecture for homes and public buildings. These buildings typically feature stucco or plaster walls, courtyards, cross gable roofing styles, arches and red tile roofs.


Red tile roof on Florida Spanish revival architecture.

A Spanish revival style home in Florida using Boral roof tiles in “Barcelona 900 – Florida Blend”.


One of the most memorable characteristics of Spanish revival homes are the clay tile roofs. The style gained its popularity in Florida in the 1920’s and 30’s just as the state was gaining popularity as a developer hot-spot. Therefore, architects of the time found it appropriate to recreate Mediterranean palaces and villas on Florida’s up and coming coast for the seasonal leisure homes of the wealthy.


Mediterranean roofing styles using cement roof tiles on Florida style architecture.

Warm colored cement roof tiles in the profile “Sanibel” from Crown Roof Tiles.



Flat Roofs

Even flat roofs have secured popularity within Floridian styles of architecture. For example, it wouldn’t be Miami without a dose of Art Deco. One central characteristic of Art Deco and mid-century modern home designs are the angular or flat roofing styles.



Flat roofing styles in Miami Art Deco architecture


In fact, Miami has even coined their own spin on the mid-century style calling it “Miami Modern”. A low roof line easily gives the home a modern look. With the right roofing style, you can enhance your home’s architecture.


A Miami Mid-Century modern home with a flat roof.