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The Shadowlawn Condominiums in Vero Beach, Florida are located in a great part of town, close to shopping, amenities, and entertainment. The condo’s residents can still enjoy the positive aspects of a quiet family neighborhood north of 21st Street. This year, the time came for flat roof restoration due to a compromised roofing system. Alliance Group was happy to work with the Condo Association to deliver a roof inspection, consultation on the best plan of action, and a free quote.



Small Roof Leaks Are Still Roof Leaks

The complex, built in 1974, has received roof repairs and improvements in the past. As with many older properties around the Treasure Coast, Hurricane Mathew may have caused some degree of damage to the roof. The condo association reported a number of small roof leaks. No matter how small, an existing roof leak can cause havoc to a building if left untreated for long enough. Clearly, it was time to repair and protect the building against future leaks.

We recommend silicone roof coating for flat roof restoration to seal out future water damage problems.


Before flat roof restoration in Vero Beach, Florida.


Shadowlawn Condominium roof wear before coating.


Flat Roof Restoration Work

Whenever our team executes a silicone roof coating project on top of old roofing materials, it is important to start with a clean slate. We use power brooms and shovels to remove all loose coatings and debris. GacoWash roof detergent, applied with power washers, ensures that all dirt and residues are stripped away as well. After we fully dry the roof, it receives a layer of Gaco Western’s roof coating primer, for maximum adhesion.

Gaco SeamSeal is a wonderful product for fortifying common weak spots that lead to leaks. Our crew carefully applies a stroke of SeamSeal to all compromised seams, all roof penetrations, and over the entire roof perimeter.

Due to the configuration of this building, we thought it to be necessary to use Gaco FlashFoam insulation in the areas where water runoff falls in the entryways below. You can imagine what a burden this would be on the Shadowlawn residents during rainy days. The FlashFoam alleviates this problem by sealing off the area and redirecting water away from the entryways by building up the foam.

We finish the onsite work with Gaco S2000 silicone roof coating. We apply this at a minimum thickness of .24 dry mils over the entire roofing system and follow it up with a roof inspection by a Gaco representative to ensure an adequate roof coating installation. Finally, our customer receives a Gaco Western 10-year leak-free labor and material warranty.


Shadowlawn condos in Vero Beach after flat roof restoration with silicone roof coating.


Silicone roof coating installation in the Treasure Coast for a commercial flat roof.

Whether your commercial or residential flat roof is damaged, worn, or aged, call us at 800-822-ROOF for a complimentary consultation. Our roof coating experts can answer any questions you may have about the process and the products as well as prepare a quote for your individual needs.