Commercial Roof Coating, Waterproofing & Repair in PGA Village, Port St. Lucie, FL

The PGA Golf Club at PGA Village is a premium golf resort in the heart of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Watch the video below to see the process of how our crew tackled this roof leak with a quality roof coating system.

We were contacted by members of the PGA Golf Club in PGA Village due to their roof leak problem. The metal roof over the warehouse housing an army of golf carts was leaking at multiple spots. The worst leak-prone areas of the roof were opposite of each other where crickets were located. A joint line at the center of the roof was also causing constant leak problems during rain storms. With an active hurricane season still underway, replacing the entire metal roof was not an option. The building owners needed a fast yet long term solution.


Leaking metal roof before roof coating project by Alliance Group in Port Saint Lucie.


Previous attempts were made to seal the problem areas, but ponding water resulting in leaks continued to be a problem. Silicone roof coating from Gaco Western was the solution for this flat roof project.  Our crew begins the coating process by pressure cleaning the roof with Gaco Wash, a powerful detergent that removes all debris and residue. A clean, residue-free surface is an important first step to ensuring proper adhesion for long lasting results.

Commercial roof cleaning with pressure washer and Gaco Wash roof detergent.
The roof is dried thoroughly with a leaf blower before receiving a coat of Gaco E5320. This is a two part primer applied with a sprayer. All seams are taped followed by a generous coat of Gaco SF2000 Seam Seal. This silicone sealing solution is brushed onto every single seam and bolt.


Gaco Flash foam coating application.


While Gaco Seam Seal is ideal for normal joints and over hardware, the most damaged areas require stronger back-up to remain waterproof. To reinforce the leak zones, we used Gaco Flash Foam, a high density closed cell polyurethane foam. Gaco Roof Foam coating spray can be used over the entire surface of a roof before silicone is applied to add insulation value, but for this project Gaco Flash Foam (specifically designed for flashing curbs, parapets, and other penetrations) was enough.

After all the detailed preparation work is complete and dried, we can begin to spray Gaco Flex S20. We prefer Gaco because their silicone is 100% silicone and solvent free. Gaco Western has been in the industry since 1955, testing new products and backing up their work with warranties. By professionally coating the roof twice it ensures we achieve at least a thickness of .30 dry mills in order to pass Gaco inspection. At this application rate, the building is eligible for a 15-year warranty.

Our crew completed this project just before Hurricane Mathew hit the Treasure Coast in early October. This roof now has a seamless, durable, waterproof seal, ready to stand up to water and sun exposure for years to come.

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After silicone roofing membrane installation.