Hail Resistant Roof Coating Passed FM Approvals

Alliance Group is proud to provide high-quality products for our customers from manufacturers that continually strive to be the best through research, development, and testing. And we thought GacoFlex having the most amount of recycled content within the business was impressive. GacoRoof Foam F2733 spray polyurethane foam coated with GacoFlex S2100 Silicone Coating system has successfully passed Severe Hail by FM Approvals. Click the link for more details about the benefits and criteria FM Approvals use. This foam + silicone roof coating system was strictly tested to meet: hail, wind uplift, corrosion, traffic, leak resistance and accelerated weathering performance. Gaco’s S2100 is the only silicone to be awarded the Severe Hail classification.


Spray foam polyurethane professional application for South Florida commercial roof restoration services.


What Does This Rating Mean For You?

FM Approvals certification is a valuable metric for homeowners and property managers because it means they can be confident they are getting a tested roof assembly, not just a collection of various products that may or may not perform to expected levels in the long term. Severe Hail classification takes it a step further to give you confidence that Gaco Western products offer a strong and durable solution for the best return on your roofing investment on your hail resistant roof.


Hail Prone Areas in Florida

This roof coating system benefits any roof throughout Florida due to our climate’s bouts of severe storms and intense UV radiation. Certain parts of the state seem to be more affected by the damaging effects of a hail storm. A roof coating system designed to withstand the abuse from hail would be of special interest to those located in these areas of Florida that are more prone to receiving hail storms. Unfortunately, hail happens all throughout the country, so the best advice is to take measures to protect your property and take care of the hail damage soon after it occurs. This helpful page from Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety features a United States map of hail activity and hail prone counties with reports of hail equal to or greater than 2″.


US Hail map showing hail prone areas and reports of hail stones 2" or larger.


Commercial Building Using SPF and Silicone


Commercial roofing project progress with a layer of spray polyurethane foam sealed with silicone roof coating in Stuart, Florida for a hail resistant roof, by Alliance Group Roofing and General Contractors.

SPF sealed with silicone for a commercial roof project in Stuart, Florida.


Alliance Group recently completed this commercial roof coating in Stuart, Florida. As with all roof coating projects, the roof was first inspected then the surface thoroughly prepared by conducting all necessary repairs. All turbine vents and were replaced with new modified bitumen. Worn metal coping was also replaced before the whole roof was cleaned and dried thoroughly. Finally, the crew installs Gaco RoofFoam 273 at a minimum thickness of ¾”- 1” across the entire surface of the flat commercial roof. One side of the building had ponding water, so additional foam was used to eliminate this condition as much as possible. Once the foam is dried, we sealed the entire surface with Gaco’s silicone roof coating system.