GacoRoof Products, Roofing Supplies and Equipment We Use

At Alliance Group, we are constantly on the lookout for the best products to help our customers protect and restore their roofs. That is why we are proud to offer GracoRoof coating products to our customers. GacoRoof has long been the leader in roofing technology, and we believe their products are an asset to our customers.

Roofer using Gacoroof silicone coating product.

GacoRoof is a Lifetime Roof Coating Option

We believe that our roofing materials should last and be able to take on the damaging effects of harsh Florida weather, and that is why we are pleased to offer this lifetime roof coating to our customers. GacoRoof is a 100% silicone roof coating that will seal and repair commercial roofs, providing a waterproof barrier for the building. The unique makeup of this coating material means that it is a permanent barrier against leaks, standing water, and other severe weather problems.

One application of GacoRoof, and you will never have to recoat again. While the initial investment may be a bit higher than other coating options, it’s a one-time expense, rather than an ongoing expense. We are confident this silicone roof coating method will pay for itself throughout its lifetime.


Great for Roofs of All Types

GacoRoof can bond to nearly all roofing substrates. This means investing in GacoRoof coating today means dealing with fewer tear-offs and replacements in the future. The coating can be applied to both flat and sloped roofs. It is also available in a wide range of colors, so you can match your roof to the overall look of your building.

Is your building a good candidate for GacoRoof coating? Contact Alliance Group at (800) 822-ROOF (7663) to find out. Chances are it is, and you can begin to benefit from this durable, life-long coating option with just one call to Alliance Group.