Gravel Removal & Foam Roof Restoration | Silicone Roof Coating

Foam roof restoration projects are never the same. There are many factors that contribute to the price and approach to each project. Sometimes a complete roof tear-off can be avoided. When water damage hasn’t spread to most of the roofing system, only repairs are needed. With our Linkside Shoppes project in Fort Pierce, Florida, we were able to execute this as a repair and coating job even though there were roof leaks spotted in the interior. In the end, 28,000 square feet of the roof was restored and sealed against weather and ponding water. This excludes the central mod-bit roof over West Marine which was completed by others.


Gravel For Commercial Flat Roofs


Commercial flat roof with gravel layer.

A relatively new commercial flat roof installation with a gravel layer (by others).


Gravel is often used with tar, which is known as built-up roofing (or BUR). This common roofing system is made by securing layers of molten asphalt and tar paper (typically fiberglass sheets). The layers are sealed and then covered with gravel to aid in sun protection and to avoid the material blowing away. Gravel is also used to cover polyurethane foam flat roofs, as is the case with the Linkside Shoppes.

The lifespan of these types of roofing systems is estimated to be around 10-20 years. This, of course, is affected by many factors including the building’s location, the local climate, and maintenance put into the flat roof. With regular maintenance, a gravel roof system could last closer to the 20-year mark. During maintenance inspections, any damage or leak related problems that occur can be handled right away before they cause further damage. For this reason, Alliance Group offers commercial roof maintenance packages customized to fit your specific roof maintenance needs.


Gravel Removal


Commercial roofing contractor doing roof gravel removal in the Treasure Coast, Fort Pierce area.

Flat roof gravel removal with an industrial vacuum at Linkside Plaza in Fort Pierce, Florida.


Although gravel serves as a tough layer of protection, it is still easy for leaks to occur. The areas surrounding roof penetrations, such as around A/C units, vents, chimneys, eaves, and flashings are at a higher risk for developing roof leaks. Sometimes the wind is to blame. With all the tropical storms and hurricanes that pass by Florida over the years, it’s not uncommon for enough gravel to blow away and expose the layer below. This leaves the roof vulnerable to UV degradation and impact damage, and eventually, roof leaks.

With the Linkside Shoppes project, the foam layer below the gravel had received enough damage to warrant a complete removal of the gravel. This made it more ideal to thoroughly repair the polyurethane foam below followed by silicone roof coating.


Foam Roof Restoration


Gravel and foam roof restoration/flat roof repair and restoration in the Treasure Coast of Florida.

The Linkside Shoppes plaza in Fort Pierce, FL during the foam restoration phase.


Commercial flat roof polyurethane foam restoration in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The north side of the building during the foam repair phase.


Once the crew finishes removing gravel, they power wash and dry the foam insulation layer. It’s important to remove all debris, dirt, and residue for maximum adhesion of the subsequent silicone coating layers. More detailed work takes place next when it’s time to repair each compromised area of the roof foam. Due to the variety of damage and wear across the roof, there are several approaches to repairs available.

If a blister is large enough, it gets cut out completely and filled in with new polyurethane foam. The large yellow spots seen in the photos above are new foam. As you can see, we found many areas requiring repair. All seams are considered compromised and are therefore reinforced with a silicone coating. The coating we use on seams contains fiberglass, which is specially formulated for seams. This same coating is applied to the entire perimeter of the roof, all flashings, and any other compromised areas on the roof.


Silicone Roof Coating

With all the preparation work complete, the next phase is applying silicone roof coating. This is necessary to waterproof and protect the roof against UV deterioration. We spray the entire roof surface with a minimum of .30 dry mils to ensure proper coverage. As another method to ensure long lasting results is to have the silicone application inspected by a 3rd party engineering firm. This also allows us to provide the customer with a 15-year leak free labor and material warranty from the manufacturer.

Linkside Shoppes plaza in Fort Pierce, Florida after roof restoration


Commercial flat roof after roof repair, spray polyurethane foam and silicone roof coating.


Silicone roof coating on commercial flat roof over spray polyurethane foam layer.