Silicone Roof Coating Over EPDM in Longwood, FL | Alliance Group

In association with Maxwell Urethane Roofing Inc., Alliance Group headed to Longwood, Florida to repair and seal the commercial flat roof at Longwood Healthcare. The 1980’s building and roof were in overall good structural shape. The flat EPDM roof had been treated at some point in the past with an acrylic coating. Unfortunately, the coating did not last as it was peeling off in many places, especially under areas of ponding water. There were no leaks found at Longwood Healthcare, only the progressive deterioration on the flat roof. This type of case is perfect for roof restoration with durable silicone roof coating. By choosing to repair and waterproof the flat roof, the building owners are saving time and money.


The process of silicone roof coating goes by much quicker while avoiding the costs associated with a complete roof tear off and re-installation.



Preparing the Roof for Coating

Before the roofing job. An old damaged commercial flat EPDM roof in Central Florida.

BEFORE roof restoration at Longwood Healthcare.

Flat EPDM roof closeup before project begins.

BEFORE the project. Puddles of standing water on the flat roof.

The most deteriorated areas occurred under water puddles caused by the A/C units. Over time, these puddles infiltrate the roof membranes and cause leaks. By reinforcing any weak points before applying Gaco S20 silicone roof coating, we are preventing leaks in the long run.

We begin every roof coating project by fully cleaning the roof with power washers and GacoWash. Removing all debris and grime build-up that accumulates over the years is a crucial first step to ensuring the following layers adhere properly.

Commercial flat roof cleaning by Alliance Group before silicone roof coating.

Power washing the roof with GacoWash.

Flat EPDM commercial roof during roof restoration with primer layer.

A layer of Gaco’s E5320 Primer.

A flat commercial roof in progress with Gaco primer and seam seal silicone roof coating.

A layer of Gaco’s E5320 Primer with SeamSeal brushed onto key spots.

Once the crew completely dries the roof, we are ready for next step, a layer of Gaco E5320. This 2-part coating product primes a wide variety of roof surfaces from metal to rubber.

With all roof coating scenarios, we use GacoFlex SF2000 SeamSeal to reinforce seams, fasteners, and around all protrusions. A generous application of Gaco SeamSeal goes over the edges of all  A/C units, vents, and any other protrusions as well as the drip edge.


Silicone Roof Coating Over EPDM is Compatible

Flat commercial EPDM roof after silicone roof coating restoration and repair.

AFTER silicone roof coating

Flat roof after restoration with silicone roof coating.

AFTER silicone roof coating

Gaco Western’s line of silicone roof coating products are compatible with nearly all roofing materials. Although asphalt roofs are the only exception, Gaco does make a product to prevent asphalt bleed-through called BleedTrap.

Because we specialize in silicone roof coatings, our team has the technical experience and resources to provide long lasting reliable results. We have the capacity to professionally coat flat commercial roofs of any size and shape throughout the state of Florida. Every coating project receives an inspection by a Gaco Western representative to verify the coating thickness meets the quality standard.

To guarantee our work, we offer our workmanship limited warranty as well as Gaco’s labor and material warranty. We are confident in our work and want to provide our customers with a long lasting return on their investment.

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