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6 Reason Gaco Western Roof Coating Is Right For Your Flat Roof

Is Silicone Roof Coating Right For My Roof?

If you are considering coating your roof, Gaco Western offers an affordable, durable and eco-friendly roof coating option. With the Alliance Group’s help, you can coat your roof with these superior products, and enjoy years of protection for one of your building’s most important investments – the roof. Read this post for more about Gaco Western roof coating warranty.


High-Performance Roof Coating

The unique silicone chemistry of Gaco Western’s roof coating system has outperformed and outlasted acrylic, urethane, asphalt and Hypalon coatings time and time again. The exceptional adhesion of Gaco Western roof coating ensures it will stand up to years of use. It even comes with a 50-year warranty to back these claims.

Gaco Western Saves Time

Gaco Western Gaco Flex S20 silicone roof coating system used by Alliance Group in South Florida.Gaco Western products can be applied without the need to tear off your existing roof or coating. The silicone roof coating can be applied directly to your existing roof deck, saving you time as you seek to protect your roof.



Coating Extends the Roof’s Lifetime

A roof that is not coated is subject to the harsh winds, stifling heat and overbearing humidity of our Florida climate. Adding a uniform, seamless surface that expands and contracts as the weather changes, using Gaco Western roof sealing products, will protect your roof and extends its life.


florida roofersLimits Ponding Water Problems

Ponding water, particularly on flat roofs, is a huge problem in the Port St. Lucie and South Florida area. Because silicone does not decay, it will not degrade under exposure to sunlight and extreme weather. This means it will stand up better under the stress of standing water, protecting your roof underneath.


Silicone Roof Coating Saves Money

When your roof is not properly coated, it is more prone to damage that can lead to costly repairs. Also, a non-coated roof soaks up the hot Florida sun, raising your energy bills. Silicone coating from Gaco Western limits both of these costs, saving you thousands of dollars over its lifetime.


Environmentally-Friendly Roof Coating Option

Silicone is made from the 2nd most common element on earth. This helps lower the per-unit cost, but it also means that Gaco Western’s roof sealing products are made from a readily available natural resource that has little impact on the environment when harvested. They contain no petroleum and other environmentally toxic chemicals, which means the surrounding vegetation and soil will be protected. The reflective surface helps reflect heat energy from the sun and lessen your energy use to cool your building as well.