Commercial Roof Shingle Replacement With GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

Sometimes our work takes the roofing crew all around the state of Florida. This time, the job took us to Lake City, a small town north of Gainesville in Central Florida. The project scope is a commercial roof shingle replacement, roof deck repairs, and silicone roof coating for a 30,000 square foot building. See the video below for an overview of the project.



Commercial shingle roof replacement in Avalon .

The completed roof replacement at Avalon Healthcare.


The Existing Commercial Roof Damage

A commercial shingle roof before replacement and roof repair.

The old shingle roof before our crew began their work.


The owners of Avalon Healthcare hired Alliance Group when it became evident that a complete shingle reroof was the best choice. Over time, environmental elements weathered the shingles enough to become brittle, lose granules, and even go missing. Previous attempts to fix roof leaks involved asphalt patches and liquid sealants. Although these temporary fixes cured some of the problems, leaks continued to present themselves. Upon removing the shingles we discovered just how much of the plywood roof deck was rotten.


Roof deck water rotten plywood in a commercial shingle roof replacement job.

Roof deck replacement due to water damage.


Sometimes condensation from HVAC equipment causes roof leaks. In this case, it was a combination of time, worn flashing, damaged leak barriers, and damaged shingles. If a roof leak isn’t properly addressed during a patch repair, water can remain trapped in the roof layers and cause rot damage. After replacing all damaged plywood sheets, the rest of the deck gets re-nailed to meet current Florida Building Code.


Replacing damaged roof deck plywood and re nailing to Florida Building Code.

Re-nailing plywood roof deck to meet Florida Building Code. Newly installed plywood roof deck areas in the background.


Commercial Roof Shingle Replacement & Flat Roof Silicone Roof Coating

Our preferred manufacturer of high-quality shingle products covers this roof. We began with GAF Felt Buster underlayment. This product stays cooler with high traction for better workability. Felt Buster avoids becoming brittle. Most importantly, it does not absorb moisture like asphalt felt can. As a secondary leak barrier, we used Weather Watch over all leak vulnerable areas like eaves, valleys, and around roof projections.


During a large shingle replacement project in Central Florida.

During the roof replacement project. Note the section showing plywood replacement.


Cobra Ridge Runner installed under the Seal-A-Ridge cap shingles allows the stale air from the attic to ventilate out. This avoids condensation, mold, and eventual leaks. The passive ventilation from Cobra Ridge Runner also helps to cool the roof. Cobra Ridge Runner has even passed an 110 mph wind-driven rain test.

Timberline HD shingles offer a thick, dimensional look while standing up against 130 mph wind damage with Dura-Grip adhesive. The shingle color seen below is Shakewood. UV resistant granules protect the shingles.

The Avalon Healthcare building contains two mod-bit roofs, one metal roof, and a flat valley. These areas need advanced protection against weathering and future leaks. We coated these flat roofs with Gaco silicone roof coating. Modified bitumen roofs are incompatible with roof coatings because they are oil-based. Oily residues and plasticizers seep through the coating and cause stains. Luckily, Gaco Western manufactures a solution for this incompatibility, A4207 BleedTrap. This product seals asphalt roofs to prevent “bleed-through”. This protects the silicone coating application layer on top from becoming compromised.


Completed Roof & GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

Once the commercial roof shingle replacement project is complete, we can offer our client the Golden Pledge warranty from GAF. The warranty covers material defects and the cost of installation labor. The Golden Pledge warranty is a good value for the customer because it offers peace of mind. For the “legal stuff”, you can view a sample copy of the warranty here.


Commercial roof shingle replacement in Central Florida by Alliance Group


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