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Benefits of Metal Roofing in Florida


Superior Strength Against Mother Nature

With all of the damage that hurricanes and tropical storms can cause, you want strong materials installed correctly to protect your home. Compared to other residential roofing products, metal panels offer better tensile strength against debris impact and resistance to high winds. In Florida, it’s been observed that metal roofs survived storms and hurricanes in the last few decades better than other roofing systems (source:


Protective Finishes

For added protection against UV rays, high temperatures, and even marine corrosion, specialty finishes can be applied to the panels. Factory applied finishes offer wheatherability or simply a fresh new look. Silicone roof coating is also an option to restore flat or low-slope metal roofs by permanently sealing out water and blocking UV rays.


Energy Efficiency & Tax Benefits

Todays’ metal roofing panel manufacturers aim to help keep buildings cooler. Florida Solar Energy Center states the two main features to look out for with efficient metal roofs or roof coating products is reflectivity and emissivity. Metal roofs are efficient in both types of energy trade-offs. There are also “cool roof” tax benefits available to Florida residents.


Pest Resistance

Metal roofing panels do not offer a cozy environment to some pests like other roofing materials might. Metal panels make it unlikely for termites, rodents, and other pests to their way chew through. Metal is also resistant to fire and decay. In coastal environments, Galvalume helps prevent rust and corrosion.


Many Style Options

Metal roofing allows the homeowner to choose from a wide range of colors to match their tastes and the home’s style. Premium coatings such as, Kynar 500 resin-based finish, stand up to decades of sun without fading while adding a protective layer to prevent metal corrosion. With dozens of different panel profiles, you can achieve a look that’s tropical, classic, or contemporary. Panels with added striations will also prevent oil canning. Read more about oil canning here.


Lightweight Material

Metal is a relatively lightweight roofing material. This is important to note if additional structural support is needed, as is the case when switching to a heavier roofing material. Aging roof materials, like concrete tile or shingle, have the capacity to become absorbent. This adds weight and stress to your roof, resulting in structural movement or even a collapsed roof!

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Metal Roofing Styles

Choose between several profile and finish options for a look that’s best for your home.

Roofing FAQ's

How much will my roofing project cost?

This depends on many factors. Your choice of roofing material and underlayment, the size and shape of your roof, permit fees, and whether you are tearing off or covering your roof all contribute to the cost of your project. While receiving bids, be aware of significantly lower bids as this may be a red flag of contractors using low-quality products. Do your research to find well established, professional roofers with positive reviews and certifications.

How long will roofing installation take?

This also depends on many factors such as your selected material, the size and shape of your roof, weather conditions, and the required building inspections. Completing a small, simple residential roof under ideal conditions can take as quickly as 2-3 days. A very large roof with many valleys and ridges can take a week or more.

What type of roofing system should I choose?

Every homeowner’s situation is different, so it’s best to have a representative visit your home to assess your specific roofing needs. You may be surprised to find out what options are available to you. This also enables you to ask any questions you may have about your project.

What should I expect from my initial consultation?

When meeting with one of our estimators at your property, it's a good time to communicate your roofing preferences, concerns and point out any damage you have noticed. The estimator will get on your roof to view it in detail, take measurements, and take reference photos of the damage. If you are filing an insurance claim, there will be paperwork to fill out so we can communicate with your insurer on your behalf. Then, they will get back in touch with you within a few days to go over your estimate and address any other concerns.