Home Siding Replacement With EcoPlank Fiber Cement Siding

What is NichiBoard or EcoPlank Fiber Cement Siding?


NichiBoard EcoPlank fiber cement board siding used on a residential building.

Image from www.nichiha.com


NichiBoard, sometimes known as EcoPlank, is a fiber cement siding product manufactured by Nichiha. Fiber cement siding is formed by pressing a mix of Portland cement, fly ash, recycled rejects, and wood fiber bundles that are stamped into smooth or wood textured planks. The planks come primed from the manufacturer and are sealed and painted (with water based paints only) on site after installation. This material is used for exterior siding on both residential and commercial buildings. Both modern or traditional styles can be achieved with this product. For example, the boards can be mitered at 45 degrees for custom, high-end look, such as with this case study.


Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding


Complete siding replace using NichiBoard by Nichiha on home project by Alliance Group roofing and general contractors.


The material content of fiber cement siding contributes to keeping some garbage out of landfills by utilizing recycled reject material.

The cost of this home siding replacement option is comparable to wood, vinyl, and stucco. Your unique situation will ultimately determine the price. Factors such as your home’s configuration, size, exterior features, style of installation, and finishes will affect the cost.

Fiber cement siding is very durable. It is resistant to warping, rotting and pests such as termites. Having a long replacement cycle (long usable life) gives this choice “eco” points as well. NichiBoard has passed the following performance requirements (source: NichiBoard Product Specs).

  • ASTM C-1186, Type A, Grade II
  • Surface Burning (ASTM E-84)
  • Fire Resistant (ASTM E-119)
  • Non-Combustible (ASTM E-136)
  • Wind Load (ASTM E-330)
  • Florida Building Code – High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (TAS 201-203): Approved.
  • Miami-Dade County Product Control Division: Approved.

Low maintenance is something clients love about this product. Unlike natural materials, fiber cement boards do not have to be continuously sealed. A proper application of a¬†high-quality exterior sealant is needed after the siding is installed on your home by a professional contractor, followed by paint. After that, you get to enjoy your home with its durable siding for years to come. Low maintenance does not mean maintenance free, so as part of your building’s normal maintenance, you may want to periodically remove dirt build up, maintain ground clearance, keep gutters clear to avoid overflow, and refresh the paint.


Palm Beach, Florida Home Siding Replacement Project

Alliance Group recently finished a residential project consisting of replacing all the exterior siding for a home in Royal Palm Beach, Florida using NichiBoard lap siding. The home’s previous wood siding was rotting in many places, and thus in desperate need of a durable, long lasting product.


Home siding replacement using EcoPlank fiber cement siding by Nichiha in Palm Beach, Florida by Alliance Group.

Siding replacement project in progress.


Home exterior siding project by Alliance Group roofing and general contractors in South Florida. Installation of new fiber cement board eco siding.


Residential siding replacement using NichiBoard fiber cement siding in Palm Beach County.


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