White Contemporary Kitchen Remodel in Boca Raton, Florida

The basic elements that make up good interior design for a contemporary kitchen remodel don’t have to be complicated. In fact, simplicity is often something to aspire to. With the kitchen being the main hub of most homes, it’s a room you want to invest in for both property value and your own enjoyment. For a home in Boca Raton, Florida, we transformed the kitchen, main living space, roof, and other details inside the home. The result is a bright, clean, and functional interior topped with a long lasting metal roof!


Project in Boca Raton by Alliance Group. Design and installation of a contemporary white kitchen.


Kitchen Before

Outdated beige colored laminate cabinets without much drawer storage and laminate countertops made up the existing U-shaped kitchen. A plaster ceiling with one centered light source helped everything feel more closed in. Old backsplash and floor tiles showed their years of use and added to the dingy color palette.

boca kitchen before 1

boca kitchen before 2

boca kitchen refrigerator before

boca kitchen before 3


To start the transformation, our crew needed a clean slate to work from. All cabinets, flooring, windows, molding and the plaster ceiling were removed. We changed the wall closing off the kitchen from the living room to a half wall to support base cabinets. The dining room’s proximity to the kitchen prompted our designer to suggest a better use for that space. We demolished a dining room pantry/closet to make room for a wine bar. The water heater occupying that space moved into the garage on the other side of that wall.


boca kitchen before 4


Contemporary Kitchen Remodel After


Installing new flooring throughout all the main living areas was the start of making a big impact. The homeowner chose a light gray marble-look ceramic tile in a large 24 x 24 inch cut. This sets the stage for an interior environment that feels contemporary, clean, and spacious.


Boca Raton, Florida kitchen remodel by Alliance Group. Design and install project of small kitchen.


Base cabinet drawer storage and bar seating for a kitchen remodel in Boca Raton, Florida.



The original footprint of the kitchen did not change from the original. The individual cabinets are what caused a dramatic change in functionality. Instead of dead space in corners and a peninsula with single drawer and door cabinets, we used cabinets with smarter storage to take advantage of every inch of space. Once the cabinets are in place, we coordinate the installation of the Paracema granite countertops followed by the backsplash tile. Together, all these elements contribute to a modern kitchen with a calming feel.


Kitchen remodel with a white cabinets fir a wine bar.


Contemporary kitchen remodel with wine bar.


White cabinetry for a wine bar in a dining room. Project in Boca Raton by Alliance Group


We outfitted the extra dining room space intended for the wine bar with a wine cooler and wine bottle rack. A tall pantry cabinet gives the homeowner plenty of room for dry goods while the extra doors and drawers make it convenient to set a table while entertaining.


Additional Interior Updates

This home remodel included details in other rooms of the house. The home received new impact rated windows and exterior doors, interior doors, molding, drywall, and new paint. Because we work with a diverse team of skilled trades, we are able to serve our clients with anything they need in their remodel. We work with everything from planning the big picture of a renovation or addition to the small design details that make a big difference.


Metal Roof Installation

Our roofing crew replaced the home’s old shingle roof with a metal roof. A flat ribbed (standing seam) metal roof has a low sleek profile and is an upgrade from the classic corrugated metal roof. Because of the way standing seam roofing panels interlock, they are tougher against strong winds and uplift. This is very valuable if you live in hurricane prone zones like South Florida. If you’re considering switching to a metal roof for your home, see our post on metal roof pros and cons.


Metal roof installation for a home in Boca Raton, Florida by Alliance Group.

Flat ribbed, 26 gauge, Galvalume metal roof installation.


Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary kitchen remodel, new roof, small update or a new room addition, contact us to discuss your project. Find out how we can work together and receive a free quote.