Silicone Roof Coating Commercial & Residential Flat Roofs in Florida

Gaco S20 Silicone Roof Coating System

Gaco Flex waterproof and sun protection silicone roof coating for commercial roofing.Florida property owners need to do all they can to protect their roofs from Florida’s extreme weather conditions. If you are considering taking steps to restore and extend the life of your roof without a complete tear off, Gaco Western S20 silicone roof coating is an excellent choice.

Alliance Group has the team to provide you with the highest quality professional installation and superior customer service for this outstanding roof system. We stand behind our work. This is why we provide our warranty against any workmanship defects on top of Gaco Western’s product warranty.


Gaco Roof Coating is More Cost Effective Than Replacing

If your roof is starting to have problems with leaks or water damage?

Restore it with Gaco Western silicone roof coating products. Coat for approximately half of the cost of fully replacing a roof. As an added bonus, Alliance Group is an Approved Participating Independent Contractor for FPL’s demand side rebate program. This means that, depending on the current roof system, Alliance Group may be able to qualify commercial projects for substantial rebates by installing a Gaco Western roof system with an enhanced material and labor warranty.


Proven Coating and Leak Protection Technology

Gaco Western’s S20 Silicone coating is a proven option for leak-proofing roofs.

With extensive laboratory testing and thousands of real-world roofing applications installed worldwide, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that your investment in a Gaco Western Silicone roof system will be an effective way to protect your roof.


Tough, Durable, Low-Maintenance Roof Coating

Gaco Western products are a tough, durable option for most any low-slope commercial application. Once you have your Gaco roof system installed, it requires minimal maintenance to keep the roof fully protected. In addition, UV rays will not damage Gaco S20 silicone coating products. These products come with a 50-year limited material warranty and up to a 20-year material and labor warranty from Gaco Western and The Alliance Group.


Stands up to Ponding Water

On most flat roof systems, ponding water is a serious problem and often times voids any warranty as most manufacturers exclude ponding water from their warranties.

Gaco Western S20 coating withstands the punishment that ponding water and the sun’s UV rays deliver to conventional roofing products. There is no exclusion to the Gaco Western leak free warranty for ponding water, and this is something very important to consider when choosing your commercial roofing products.


Reflective Surface Prevents Heat Absorption

Because Gaco Western S2000 creates a white, reflective, barrier, it substantially reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the roof. This can dramatically lower energy bills and will help to reduce the cost of the roof over time.

Gaco S2000

Ideal for Multiple Types of Roofs

The versatility of Gaco Western Silicone roofing system makes it the ideal choice for almost every type of low sloped roof. From muti-family high rise buildings to shopping malls, from industrial applications to the restaurant industry, The Alliance Group and Gaco Western can provide you with a cost effective solution to solve your roofing issues for years to come.


Gaco Roof Coating Warranty

Gaco Western provides a 50-year limited material warranty for the GacoFlex S20 silicone roof coating product. They warrant the GacoFlex silicone coating will be free of defects and meets the advertised physical properties at the time of manufacture.

“This warranty is limited to the GacoFlex Coating only; if the GacoFlex Coating does not meet the warranted standard, Gaco Western will replace the GacoFlex Coating at no cost to purchaser. Proof of purchase required with original receipt. This limited warranty is not transferable to successive property owners without prior acceptance and approval in writing from Gaco Western. Gaco Western offers no other express or implied warranties. Gaco Western’s sole liability is limited to replacement of any GacoFlex Coating shown to be otherwise than as warranted within a 50 year period from the date of purchase. The warranty does not extend to labor costs for inspection, testing or repair of the GacoFlex Coating system or any other labor costs; any notice of claimed defect in materials shall be sent in writing to Gaco Western at the address below including a statement of scope of defect and evidence suggesting liability by Gaco Western.”

You can view the documentation for the Gaco Western Warranty here.

Alliance Group will warrant labor and material membrane for the GacoFlex silicone roof coating system for a period of 10 years from the job’s completion date. If upon inspection, the presence of water leaks into the structure are found due to the GacoFlex liquid coating system, we will supply material and install repairs at no cost to the owner. For more information about our ten-year labor and material membrane warranty for the GacoFlex silicone roof coating system or our company’s limited warranty on other services, contact us today to discuss your roof coating options with one of our qualified, professional team members.

If you are in South Florida and are interested in applying our Gaco roof coating system to your commercial building or personal residence, contact one our roofing specialists today!