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Alliance Group Master Elite Roofing Contractors

We have been using GAF products on our client’s homes for years. GAF offers durable, reliable products with warranty coverage. We’re proud to announce Alliance Group is a certified GAF Master Elite Weather Stopper Contractor. Only about 2% of roofing contractors in North America achieve master Elite status. Thus, we will now be offering the Golden Pledge warranty on any upcoming projects using GAF roofing systems.


Alliance Group Master Elite Weather Stopper Contractor Golden Pledge warranty


What the Golden Pledge Warranty Covers

The Golden Pledge Limited Warranty covers workmanship and material defects. For a complete overview of warranty terms, see this Golden Pledge warranty sample, click here. This warranty covers residents of the United States and Canada who are the property’s original owners. Furthermore, the warranty is conveniently  transferable without a transfer fee. Defects in the material are covered for 50 years (20 years for 3-tab shingles). Golden Pledge even covers the cost of installation labor. Coverage is available on the entire roofing system if using GAF products such as shingles, ridge caps, Cobra attic ventilation, roof deck protection, leak barrier products, and more. It also covers a maximum wind speed of up to 130 miles per hour (a category 3 hurricane), except on 3-tab shingles.

Coverage lasts from the time your GAF roof is installed and lasts as long as the manufacturing defects warranty for the specific shingle installed, typically 50 years. The term Lifetime means as long as the original owner(s) own the property. Since the Golden Pledge warranty is transferable, a valid transfer owner can continue to receive full coverage if the transfer took place within 20 years of installation.


What Golden Pledge Does Not Cover

Certain GAF accessory products are not covered by the Golden Pledge warranty, but rather by a separate limited warranty.

  • Damage caused by something other than a manufacturing defect or beyond normal wear and tear. Such as defects in the walls or foundation that may then adversely affect the roof.
  • Discoloration or shading variations caused by mold, algae, or other contaminants.
  • ShingleMatch™ Roof Accessory Paint
  • Master Flow® Attic Ventilation
  • GAF Cornell Nail Base Roof Insulation
  • Low-slope membranes (covered by a separate limited warranty)
  • Non-GAF roof products, such as roofing nails, metal work, counterflashing.
  • Damage to the building’s interior or exterior


After Your Roofing Project

After the completion of your project, Alliance Group will register your warranty within 45 days of its completion. You will receive a project completion packet from our office with important reference details about your project. Additionally, GAF will also mail you your warranty documents.

Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our roofing specialists. Receive a free quote on your project and be on your way to taking advantage of our warranties.

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