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Roof Coating Services In Florida

Save money by avoiding a complete tear off and protect your roof from the elements.

Roof Coating for Commercial Building Protection

If you are looking for a way to add years of use to your roof while also reducing the energy bills inside the building, consider roof coating services.

Read this post for more about Gaco Western roof coating warranty.

Sun & Heat Protection

With the right roof coating, applied by Alliance Group, your building’s roof can reflect the intense Southern Florida sun. This allows the building to absorb less of the sun’s energy, resulting in lower energy bills.

Waterproof Against Future Leaks

Roof coating helps the roof stand up to harsh weather. We create a permanent barrier against rain and ponding water to protect against roof leaks.

Reduce Costs

We understand repairs can be costly investments for building owners. Roof coating offers a method of repair and protection that eliminates the costs associated with a complete roof tear-off.

Compatible With Most Flat Roofs

Silicone roof coating will adhere to all flat or low-slope roofing systems with the exception of tar & gravel. However, a layer of spray polyurethane foam over tar & gravel adds R-value and allows the silicone to adhere properly. Learn more about SPF vs. Silicone.

Superior Gaco Roof Coating Products

At Alliance Group, our goal is to partner with the industry’s best suppliers and manufacturers to help our customers. For roof coating, we have chosen GacoRoof coatings.

Since 1955, Gaco has been offering exceptional waterproofing and insulating products. We have found that their roof coating products provide a superior coating and protective surface at a price that our customers can afford.

GacoRoof’s 100 percent silicone roof coating provides exceptional adhesion and withstands even permanent standing water, to provide superior protection for your property. GacoRoof never needs to be re-applied. One call to Alliance Group for GacoRoof roof coating, and your roof will stay protected year after year.

Professionals You Can Trust

When you call Alliance Group, you get more than just an excellent coating product on your roof. You get to work with a professional team of roofing experts, who will go above and beyond to ensure that your roof is functional, attractive and protected. Call us today for a free quote on our roof coating services.


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